Altruism Is altruism An Illusion

If one had a built-up area and began to monitor the behavior of others, they can begin to see that not everyone has the same focus. There may be some people who are only concerned with their own welfare, and there may be others who are also concerned about the welfare of the people around them

two sides

There may come across a number of people just push other people out of the way to get to his destination. They are not going to worry about what happens to other people.

Along with this, one could see that there are also men who are much more cautious. While they will have something to go; They do what they can to make sure that they do not trouble the people around them.


However, one does have to go in populated areas to see that not all have the same priorities. The only thing they need to do is think about the people they have met through their life.

When they do this, they can start thinking about people generally behave in a certain way, and this will be a different track people in public. This is because when you watch people in public, they are just going to be exposed to their behavior the moment.


It will not be possible for them to get a balanced perspective of someone; all they have to go by is what is happening in front of them. If one was to find out more about someone, they see that their behavior in this context does not match up with how they behave normally.

But when you’ve spent a certain amount of time with someone, it will give them the opportunity to have a more balanced perceptive. Some of those that you think of may remind them of how selfless some.


This may be the people who would do anything for anyone; with them is only too happy to put their own needs aside. They are the others because they want to be, and not because they need to be.

There is also a possibility that will think about the people who will remind them how selfish people can be. In this case, they may be people who are too consumed with their own lives to be there for others.

A Reason

If their behavior always changed, it could be because they are trying to impress someone. What this means is that if they have the opportunity to look good, they would be there for others.

But other than that, they may have no interest in who to go out of their way to someone else. As a result of this, this kind of behavior may rarely occur.

A Difference

What this shows is that when someone is selfless, they are going to be different for someone who is selfish. When one thinks of the former, they might consider food; However, when they think about later, they might feel bad.

Along the way one can find when it comes to these two options; there is a strong possibility that there will be plenty of people who would also feel the same. When you are selfless, they are often considered to be more developed than someone who is selfish.


Another way to look at this would be to say that when a person can put their needs aside, they are altruistic. And even if they end up being carried out in a negative way by being there for others, it could not disturb them.

So long as they are able to make a difference, it may be only too happy to reach another person. One way could occur is if one were to jump into the river to save someone, or giving to the poor, for example.

No Awards

In cases like these (and many others), it is clear to see that man is not been given anything in return; they simply give their time and energy, and sometimes money. Based on this outlook, it would be correct to say that man was altruistic.

However, if one were to take a deeper look into what motivated them to achieve, and reflected on how they felt soon after, they begin to see that they were able to receive a number of options. For one thing, they might be someone who wants to make a difference in the world; helping others is the way for them to meet this need.

Feeling Good

Once they have helped someone, they can end up feeling very well, and this comes down to helping others is a great way for one to experience higher levels of happiness. What this shows is to be there for others can have a positive impact on the welfare of people.

And as humans are emotional beings, it can mean that emotional pay can be just as fulfilling as physically pay. Therefore, even though you might not get anything from those they help; what they experience inside could make up for what they do not experience the outside. Approval

Along with this, help others can also allow one to create a certain impression, and the feedback they receive from others can support how they see themselves. Their identity is then going to be strengthened through being there for others.


It would be easy to say that a man, if man is not to be selfless, then they must be selfish, but in a way, these are simply two sides of the same coin. For example, be selfish and still be there for others, and they can also be selfless and still be there for him.

What is going to play a part here is how one is developed; if they are in a position where they feel like a child, and they are then overwhelmed by their own needs, it will be difficult for them to truly be there for others. However, if a person is like an adult, it will be natural for them to want to be there for others, and this is partly because they do not want to consume their own needs and they will then be in touch with their “higher” needs, so to speak.

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