Is it worth NATURALISED? By Rigoberto Coronado

In fact, many Panamanians friends who were in Panama for work or love. It is common to encounter Chinese convenience store owner, or merchant with a foreign accent center. The above conditions are but a few examples of the wide variety of culture in Panama.

But despite the fact that Panama has a long tradition against foreigners from all over the world, it has developed labor laws designed to protect jobs Panamanians. The Labor laws in Panama restrict foreigners who can work for the company. Several professional licenses are prohibited for foreigners, including medicine and law. We do not intend to assess the labor laws as appropriate or inappropriate, we only talk to them to inform our readers.

It has been able to overcome some of these laws shocks through publication on migration and labor in creating new positions immigrants. For example, graduates of foreign universities or nationals of a country among those included in the list of 48 privileged countries, commonly known as “friendly countries”, are now eligible for one of the new immigration status.

Nevertheless, this does not provide a solution for everyone, and much less to those who, despite having one or more university degrees, can not work in his job as a result of the law that prevents them from obtaining a license reserved only for Panamanian citizens.

Neither do such legal restrictions provide a solution to the ever increasing number of foreign investors who are willing to trade their products in the retail sector, which is another activity reserved for the Panamanians in the Constitution. Such persons, often pushed by circumstances, can choose the white lise or become citizens.

This is the basic information for the lawyers, but it is also good for others to keep in mind that the National Constitution sets out three separate conditions which a person can request naturalization

1. Five consecutive years of residency in Panama

2. Three consecutive years of residency in Panama if there are children born Panamanian mother or father or Panamanian partner in Panama

3. reciprocity, if a person is a national of Spain or other Latin American countries, and meets the same requirements for nationality on Panamanian in the country.

In any case, one should keep in mind that the above residence must be permanent and received in accordance with the relevant migratory procedures. In addition, skills in Spanish and basic knowledge of geography, Spanish, and Panama political parties should be proven through tests given Electoral Tribunal. A foreigner seeking naturalization should note that the National Constitution needs to deny ethnic origin. While the statement is used for this purpose, the same is attached to the naturalization file, the data does not need to make the country one port. However, taking into account that some countries deny nationality has the right effect, but there are no such effects in others.

Naturalisation is usually a lengthy process compared to that Act President of the Republic is required to review such requests, and the case itself, for national security, requires the participation of certain organizations.

As we do not expect a constitutional amendment in the near future, and changes in certain laws relating to content involves long consultation period, it may well be wise to start thinking about the naturalization process as a viable alternative.

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