Right gadget for your new apartment in Kolkata

buying an apartment is always interesting, but it’s even more exciting is the decoration part. You browse online and offline stores to check out products that would support the glitzy look new apartment. You seek recommendations from friends, acquaintances and sometimes internal painter to ensure that money is spent for the right purpose. Yes, this is very important when you have spent quite a lot to buy a new apartment. Now shelling out another Lakh or two for new equipment and fixtures can be difficult indeed.

But the fact is that ten years your old TV or window air conditioner will not do justice to Plush interior new apartment. You might not feel like dragging a noisy washing machine in the new abode. Although many new purchases are bound to have an impact on your budget, these are unavoidable also more so when the apartment will be in metro city like Calcutta.

Staying in the metro has its share of advantages and disadvantages. In order to enjoy the amenities of modern city life, you need to maintain a luxurious lifestyle, which in turn means huge investment. Still, while looking to buy an apartment in Kolkata, you need to set aside a certain amount of money to buy modern electronics for a new home.

A smart air-conditioner is a must buy if you’re looking to buy an apartment in Kolkata. You can blame it on the hot and humid weather of the city but one just can not live a long summer without AC. Plan purchases match room size, location and, of course, budget. Look for air conditioners that promise to reduce your electricity bill, even if it comes with a high price tag.

In order to embellish the free wall and fill the living room, you have a sleek TV with flawless picture quality and superb performance. Learn the strengths and weaknesses of LCD, LED and Plasma TV before choosing a particular option.

It’s time to let go of semi-automatic washing machine and opt for the automatic one. Since the latter takes relatively less space, and delivers better and more effective, it suits apartments that come with limited space. You can go for the top or front loading as per your convenience.

modular kitchen can not do without a designer electric kitchen chimney. It keeps the kitchen and home smoke and odor free, thereby maintaining a spotless appearance of granite / marble / tile flooring in the new apartment.

Investing in high-quality music system is indeed a good decision you can put it anywhere. Nothing can be more soothing than your favorite music to fill every corner of the new apartment.

If you have already started looking for an apartment in Kolkata, visit some reputable electronic stores at the same time, to know more about these gadgets.

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