Book Review – New Moon – Twilight Saga Book 2

New Moon is a fiction-romantic novel by author Stephenie Meyer. There is another novel of Meyer in the Twilight story. It is recommended to read Twilight first. This book, unlike the previous post, is about losing true love. It was originally published in the Hardcover in 2006.

The book begins with Bella turning 18, older than Edward and still human. At her birthday party, she receives a paper ring when she opens her presents and her only drop of blood calls Jasper (brother Edward) to attack as well as trying to get a diet out of human beings. Edward tries to protect her; which causes Bella to crash into glass and gets bigger wounds, gushing blood and finding himself in the middle of 6 hungry vampires. Edward is extremely sad and completely convinced that he and his family are not suitable for Bella. Edward convinces Bella He no longer loves her, promises her she will not do any stupid or rash and continue her life without Edward; He and his family leave Forks.

Bella is heartbroken, destroyed and completely lost. She lives, tries to keep on her life and realizes that if she does something rash she can hear Edward's voice in her head; protect or crush her. Hunger to hear the voice that she loves so deeply, decides to make this rash like a bike, a scuba diver who always leads her to the grandson, Jacob Black. She finds comfort and warmth with him. Jacob is over her throat in love with Bella but knowing her loss of love brings her shoulder to Bella and hopes she will get over Edward and love him again.

Things change when Jacob turns into bears and Bella is caught by vampires. Alice (Sister Edwards) comes up to Forks when she sees Bella jumping out of a rock in her sight. There are some misunderstandings and Edward tries to commit suicide but Bella rescues him and they are united with Edward, promising never to leave Bella.

The book is well written with lovelessness that is very well described. With this book, the stick of Jacob Black is even more etched. Jacob loves Bella, a complicated knowledge of his deep love for his most expensive enemy; vampire. His struggle with a new one, found his identity, jealousy, love, friendship and loyalty.

Now, Bella is torn between friendship and love and eternal hostility to be and vampire. Will she be able to find the right balance? Let's wait and find out in the next book – Eclipse [].

Source by Chanakya Garg

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Important consideration for building an eBay Store

Now eBay is selling a very successful company and a lot of different tips and tricks are available to guide people in the right direction. Following these tips and tricks, it is not only stressful and easier to run your store, but also helps attract a lot of potential buyer traffic.

The amount of information available on the Internet in connection with the sale of an eBay store is never ending, so it is necessary to channel and prioritize the information that could help you.

Some facts and figures should always be kept in mind when you decide to sell on eBay. First and foremost, make a clear list of the items you want to sell. This list affects the type of customer that should be drawn to your store. After the product catalog has been closed, you need to choose a design template that would give the store a professional and elegant look. Why is it necessary to give the shop a good look? That's because the first impression buyers get from the appearance of the store directly affect sales and total business. Numerous templates are available online that are both free and paid. Other than there are enough templates available online to help you do this right. It is important that you carefully choose the category your registration enters because this will greatly affect the number of people who can really find there are companies that help you design your own custom eBay template designs. This has the advantage that your eBay Store has personal contact with it.

Another important factor to keep in mind is that you have to take good care of your title. As it represents your entire auction. A selection of some keywords should be made so that more and more people can easily access your store. These keywords should be part of the title that will facilitate more and more customer traffic to access your store.

The reason why your title should be elaborate, informative and should contain all key issues that are people looking for the particular item by using the search box found on the site, they narrow their search by categories . So if you have a good title and have chosen all the keywords right then they would have access to the store first and increase your sales.

Next, you need to determine the format listings for your items. You can either set prices or may have an auction option. To configure these forms of registration, templates are available that help you to work efficiently and save time.

The profile you choose to choose is entirely up to you. Try to use a variety of methods before you decide on each other, knowing what works better for your listings.

One thing to avoid at all costs is a negative reaction. Overview and ratings will be given by your customers according to their experience. To prevent the possibility of bad comments, make sure your customers have amazing experience.

Yes, the fact is that you will not be able to please everyone who visits your store, but you need to minimize it as much as possible. Too much negative response means that your business would collapse and you will not be able to sell anything in your store.

Source by Yasir M Chohan

How to write a book and get a published manual

Do you want to write a book? If you start writing and reach around 80,000 words then you can already publish a book.

Thus does a book write and bring it out of work or is it? If you think it's easy, the chances of selling the book are very slim. In order to sell the book, you need to know which book you want to write just before you start writing it, and also if it is viewing the content you write. You need to convince the publisher that the book you write will have great audiences to read it.

What kind of book are you going to write?

By reading a book and getting ideas from it, new writers will get inspired and write a book based on it.

They do not think who would like to read it.

Type of books can be divided into two categories, sometimes truths or lies, or better known as fiction and fiction (novel). You must choose to write fiction or fiction based on fiction.

For example, after reading the Harry Potter novel, you have the idea of ​​writing your own children's book. You pour your ideas and write everything on your computer and the pages heap up.

You think you write a good story and you ask yourself where in the bookshop they will put my book?

If you have no idea go to a bookstore and imagine where to put your book, it's in children's section, romance or mystery.

If you want to read and inspire Harry Potter and write children's books, just imagine that your book is on the same shelves as Harry Potter novels.

This is not a fantasy. You need to know what you are going to write. The publisher or agent wants to know what your book is about in the first place.

The conclusion is that you need to research the book you want to write and make sure there are viewers for it and would like to read your book.

Source by Jamie Dian