How to create a family book

Creating a Family Library is a great way to get everyone's books. It's also a great way to add gratitude to your children, as having a library will strengthen the importance of books in your house. Whether you have an extra bedroom that you can devote to the project, or simply a bookshelf in your family, you can create a library in your home, it is a worthwhile task that everyone can enjoy. Here are some tips you can use to create your own family library.

Collecting Your Books

Many times the hardest part of creating a family library simply compiles all the books together. Because most people have books stored in many places around the house, it often takes a little effort to collect them in one place. It's important to collect all your books in advance, as the number of books you have has will determine how much storage space you need. Invite everyone in the family to bring the books to a central place, even if they are read. Once you have all the books in one place, you can plan the best way to publish them.

Sorting Your Books

It's by no means right or wrong to classify your books. For example, while some families want to organize their books in alphabetical order, others want to share them with the author or content. If you have dedicated an entire room or at least several bookshelves to your library, you may find images or videos that represent these categories and put them in a frame for a tree. Then attach them to the shelves or to the wall nearby, so that everyone can easily see where different classes or books are located. This can be very useful for children's libraries, especially for children who are not yet talented readers. You may want to create special bookkeeping for children's books, especially for younger readers. Or use lower shelves in full-height book for children's books. However, it can be fun to decorate the children in the library. Find pictures related to reading or theme a picture that represents one or more favorite books of your child. Then show in a picture frame and hang on the walls. By making the library colorful and attractive, your child will be overly interested.

Using the Family Library

When you have your books available, make sure that everyone knows how to use the library. If you have focused on getting the books sorted, you will probably want to provide all the instructions on how to keep them. You may even want to set up some simple rules on how the library is used. To add fun, create a booklet with your computer, along with all the family rules. Show these symbols in the photo frames in the libraries, so that everyone can review the instructions if necessary.

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How to create your own library

Some affiliate libraries with mansions and rich, upper class citizens who have star collections containing antiques and first releases. Nevertheless, most Biblical ones probably once in their lives dreamed of having their own library. In fact, creating your own library is not that difficult. Each room with a few extra beds can be converted into a library. Office, for example, or even the extra room you have in your basement can be the perfect home library. Library can really add a sense of sophistication and loft of knowledge in your house. It certainly gives visitors something to talk about.

So before you start collecting all your books from every shot and hat in your house, it's the first thing you'd probably think about when setting up your own library. Where are you going to host all your precious books? Other things you want to consider are shelves. Proper bookshelf makes all the difference. Finally, you should also consider the extras that really make a great library, this includes color, ornaments and all the important lighting.

Choosing the right space for a library is actually a matter of having space. You can even use part of the room as your library, but keep in mind that everything, all space for books makes much bigger impact. Make sure you have enough space to fit the shelves and some chairs to the lounge as you read your books. Remember that your libraries are likely to expand too, so make sure you have more space.

Think about what works best with the amount of books you have and the style of the room when it comes to shelves. A few bookshelves arranged side by side or separated from some furniture, may work well if your library is not as much as others. However, if you have many books, built in wooden shelves, your library gives a classic old world the feeling that modern content can not compete with. You can also choose for shelves that hang from the ceiling or wooden rack line against the wall.

The Swedish furniture giant Ikea has a great modern design at a reasonable price. Their bookshop can be easily assembled and disassembled for transfer. Consider an easy-to-use logbook box when you get more books to add to your library.

At the moment, think about the mood you want to create. Dark woods and finishes along with Victorian color scheme will give your library an ancient ancient Europe. If you use woodwork in dark corners, it is very easy to draw this look. Or if you are looking for a more progressive, modern feeling, try lighter colors. White, plastic or bookshelf work well to achieve this look, but give you a room and airy environment.

Finally, do not forget to add finishing touch with well-chosen chairs, rugs and lights. Be sure to make your room comfortable. Put light on coffee tables and add a pillow for added comfort.

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How to pick up girls in the library

The art of picking up women can be picked up by any kind of boy, whether you're a jock, a model, a player or even a guy who loves to read books in a library.

If you are someone who likes going to the library or just someone who is looking for a challenge, picking up girls in the library is easier than you think.

What can you usually do when you see an attractive girl in a library?

Are you and your friends on the table watching the hot girls available?

Are you trying to stand up and simulate everything the girl does?

Do you follow them and try to sit at the same table?

Are you going to her and trying to work unusually?

As David Deangelo has said,

"Women Know What You're Doing When You Get Them." Heck, Even If You Just Have Fun

Time to Release All Bull ****.

] Let me know the idea of ​​being in advance and genuine.

Stop Performing and Being Yourself

Being yourself means being in advance with who you want to approach. Keep in mind, I do not say you should say: "Hey, I think you're very attractive … blah blah."

Although it really works in other types of environments, the library is not exactly going to get through guys.

The method You have to be a lot of tone down at the same time without trying to hide what you are interested in. The fact is that you and the girl know both what you are doing. So there is no point in trying to conceal it If she decides to go with it, great.

By the end of the day, you let her know that it's her choice and you're not suspicious in any way.

Picking Up Girls At The Scenes Of The Library

She sits at the table herself:

In this situation, try to sit somewhere near her. If it's the private table, try to sit at the table near her.

Since you need to be quiet, try writing a note and leave it on the desk for a conversation.

She's on the shelves looking for a book:

Ask her what book she's looking for. (if you're good at finding books, find it for her). Then go away and wait until the next opportunity to talk to her.

She leaves the library:

Discover her and let her know you found her attractive. It's the last resort, because you have to make a trip here and there.

Do not be creepy. Mark, do not ask if she often comes here or if you can go to her car.

She walks around the library:

Ask for help finding your book. Have a list of books that you are looking for as well.

After she helps you, be very grateful for her help and she will feel very comfortable about herself.

Ask her what she was doing before she helped you. A good way to get a report.

Have a conversation

Ask questions about what she's reading. Based on what she's reading, if you know a little about the subject or similar content, it can be a great conversation. Remember, she's more about what she's reading than anything else in a library. If you can be interested in what she is concerned about, she will easily attract her. Remember to be absolute.

Talk and go. Even if you have a great conversation, you can not indicate that she is in control. Remember, you're the one who strikes her and she knows. Have a conversation and say: "Maybe I'll see you around you?" Do not leave until it gives you a response.

Ask for coffee. Having a quick conversation is a great opportunity to continue talking to a cafe.

Many of these tips work wonders if you are just genuine without performing. If you are going to try to pick up girls at the library, do not try to meet the same every day. Mix it up so that you're not & # 39; this guy & # 39; who is trying to catch everyone.

With a little workout, it's easy to learn the recording game in the library.

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