Orson Scott Card

I first heard about this writer with another text, where the character found one of the books of Books and was very nice to. In the end, the author declared that the Ender Game's card book would be real and encouraged everyone to go out and read it.

I did not have to say twice, I ran into my home library and took a copy of Ender's Game that day. Three days later I had finished it and wanted more.

Orson Scott Card is an incredible author who has a unique way to explore the world. I have heard about people who leave their jobs because he is Mormon, but this is a ridiculous lesson. In some of my books, Mormon's faith shines through, but not to "hit them over their head" good mode. All authors put something of themselves and their world into their books and you can not refuse to read their work because they have another opinion on you.

When I was looking for an Ender game, I had to go to a place where they had used books for sale, because no other bookstore had a copy. This seemed to be one of the best decisions I ever made because this store had not only Ender's Game, but they also had all other books in the series that I also bought that day.

Indeed, most Cardan books are now sold since they have used books for sale. He has been writing so long that much of his books are even printed. But this is not a shame because most of the second bookshop equipment will have the most of the order, rather than just one or two you'll be lucky to find in the usual & # 39; bookstore.

Source by Michael D Jacob

Books – Cheap-Discount and Free-Great Ideas to Find Books for Money!

1. Pay close attention to local sales, auctions, fleet markets and sales of libraries. You can find books for .05 – .25 cents each, or in some cases you can buy all the boxes of books for a few dollars. I love to go to auction in the summer and often I have seen the seller pay some dollars if they would agree to take the box of home books with them 🙂

Here this can be really exciting for you! If you find good books in good condition (for a very good price), pick it up – even if you do not find the book interesting. Then, take the books to your local bookstore and sell the books again. Most local bookstores (not large large stores) pay 25-50% of the purchase price. You need to check if you see what offers you offer in local stores and what types of books you are looking for. Sometimes they offer cash, but sometimes they can offer you a storage permit.

Let's say you bought a book for .25 with a prize of $ 25, you could get up to $ 6.25 – $ 12.50 in cash or credit! This is a great way to buy new books for the pennies!

2. If you already know what kind of content you are looking for, you have the ability to do a lot of research about it – before you buy! Simply log in to an online store, such as Amazon.com, and search for books on your content. Amazon.com is especially useful to use, because they allow you to "look in" (or thumb through the book as I want to say) before you buy it. I also like to read what others have to say about the book. After you complete the study and you have a good book list of books you want to watch, go online online in your library to order the book. I love using this service because all I have to do is log in to the webpage, find the books I'm interested in, put them on hold and I'll call them when the books are ready to record! This is a great way to save time and money!

3. Now let's look at the above-mentioned scenario from the other side of the coin. Let's say you love spending time on a local library and you have found a title you just have to add to your library. Simply log in online right from the library, go to one of the wholesale online books, such as Bookcloseouts.com and order your new book.
After you finish reading, you might want to go to your library and earn a good profit 🙂

4. Find out who is reading the book in your newspaper (or check out), they make so many reviews and therefore have plenty of books to find a home for! They get the books free of charge for review, so if you really love books, you might want to be a bookkeeper;)

5. If you want romance novels, most libraries will allow business ins. Just include the books that you have already read and redeem them for books found in business.

6. Check out dollar stores – I uncover some beautifully illustrated hard cover, pop up books for $ 1 each!

Source by Pearl Sanborn

Five tips for organizing a brochure

While publishers assist their authors in marketing the brochures, including temporary writing and language opportunities, authors need authors and publishers also to be preventive in organizing book-signed events in their local communities.

Tip 1:

Let your fingers walk through the yellow pages on the spot. Do not limit your search to just a bookstore. What about public libraries? Depending on the content of the book, look for related opportunities. For example, if you wrote a book about Do-It-Yourself Plumbing, you might want to consider calling local DIY stores like Lowes and Home Depot to ask if they would consider getting you a signed signature fee. If you book a children's book, consider local day care facilities and children's shops.

Tip 2:

Make the call. Do not be afraid. Call a forum and introduce yourself as a local author and ask to speak to an organizer such as a book signature, etc. When you reach the right decision maker, give them a brief summary of your book and why it would benefit those core clients or customers.

Tip 3:

When the store has agreed to organize books, give them labels, posters or copies of your bookshelf to use for their promotion. Encourage the store to send out mass media in the email distribution list that announces the event and put a tag in the store that presents it.

Tip 4:

Invite everyone you know to the event, even if they have been in other books or when you have a copy of the book. Stores want good support for the event and the rule of thumb here is that they want 30 people to attend the event.

Tip 5:

Present the event on all available media including Craigslist, BookTour.com, as well as on all your blogs and webpages.

Do not be afraid to reach and make those contacts. Every bookstore I called for in book design; none of them said no. All it takes is a fairly solid, polite and professional attitude, a decision and a few minutes to call or fall into a local store.

Source by Lori A Moore