The Used Book Store – Where Are They Looking For Used Books?

Not easy to answer. First of all, every bookshop owner praises himself as a sharp bookkeeper. All of them buy used books. That's what they do. Even working in their own shop they are book teachers. Boxes come up with bugs, garden selling items and books with sloping slopes and hard boundaries without a dustbag. You see it daily. You need to book this box in the same way you would make the shelves in dusty streets that nobody knows.

This particular owner was always looking for a copy of John Grisham's first book, A Time to Kill. It was released in a soft coat with very low emissions on the east coast. Mostly by John himself, that rumor has it. This volume is true first edition of the book. When the company became a monster game, A Time to Kill was published in Hard Bound and it went out as the first edition.

It's not easy to find a book like this. You probably will not find it. Yes, it would make its collection of books even more valuable to have this soft bound copy, but it was bragging rights to have what Book Scouts love to say. "Oh, you mean you do not have a copy of the soft-bound version?"

So one day the bookmaker was digging in his basement for books. An exclusive store with a basement with all the problems that can be pulled up and down the stairs, but he loved one and customers loved going down and crawling though the shelves look for great readings or rare books.

Seated in the stool, the bookkeeper worked on a series of books and saw a soft book titled A Time to Kill on her. He dropped it out and looked at it. His hands began to shake when he studied the book. It was the first version he had been looking for. It was in his own shop that sat on the shelf. He looked at the price. He had rewarded it at $ 10.00. Who could have bought the book.

The answer is to look everywhere! You never know when you're going to find used books. But be sure to look at what you already know because you just do not remember what you have. Even more importantly, there is a lot of good used bookshops around who have no idea what they have. Nobody can know all about books. I have placed next to the scouts and got rid of books that I had no idea of ​​having resale value, and I have pressed books next to the ones they played. Lots of room out there, and there are books that sit in bookstores worth thousands of dollars you can buy for $ 10.00. Is this happening every day? No, it is not. It could never happen, but it will not stop us from looking.

Source by Donald E. McKenzie

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Where to buy English books in Brussels, Belgium

It is not hard to find English reading in Brussels. Indeed, most of the French and Dutch bookshops are with many English best sellers. But where are you going if you are looking for someone with the latest Dan Brown tension?

If you like reading as much as I do, buying English books in Brussels can get expensive. Here are a few places to find good deals on books and more diverse than English corners of major shopping malls.


An obvious advantage for the English books in Brussels is Waterstone. This British chain has quite a large store in Brussels and, together with the best-selling sellers, they have a good selection of magazines, journals, references and children's books. Waterstone is not cheap but often he has "buy 2 get one free" #: offer and discounts on best sellers.


Boulevard Adolphe Max Avenue 71-75

B-1000 Brussels


Sterling Books

Not far from Waterstone, you can find Sterling Books. Sterling is a bit more expensive and does not have as much variety as Waterstone, but they have more unique choices. Their literary field is particularly good. As the largest English independent library in Brussels, you can fall asleep easier to know that you are not wearing a pocket from another chain.

Sterling Books

38, Rue Fossé aux Loups

1000 Brussels



If you have a car or a lot of patience to ride De Lijn bus, you can go out to Everberg and visit Stonemanor. In addition to breastfeeding you may be craving, Stonemanor has a small selection of English books. Although there are not as many books to choose as in the bookshop, there are often decent discounts on older books, as they often change in their stock. Even better is their choice in English magazines. The cooking element alone is worth the trip.

Stonemanor hosts twice a year (spring and autumn) one of the best bookstores in Belgium – charity sales. On this sale, books are used and sold for euros! That's right – you set up your books next time and pay for your pocket. There is always a great selection of paperbacks from the best seller list as well as children's books and DVDs.


Steenhofstraat 28

3078 Everberg


Cook and Book

Cook and book, as the name suggests, is both a store and a restaurant. The English chapter in Cook and Book is small and very expensive but it's a convenient place to explore. You can also find good English list and travel books if you are ready to dive into mostly French areas at the shop. Even if you only surf or stop eating, Cook and Book is definitely worth a visit.

Cook and book

Ave Paul Hymans 251

1200 Brussels



Filigranes is mainly a French bookstore, but there are several reasons why it appeals to English readers. First, it has a coffee and a snack bar – something that is a serious lack of the Belgian bookstore area. There is a good selection of English paperbacks in the cellar and some English magazines can be found if you click through the magazine. The art and travel are definitely worth a visit. True, most of the books are in French but you can spot some English gems as well.


Avenue des Arts 39

1000 Brussels


Once a year in Brussels, (more often if you're ready to travel to other cities) you can increase your English library by going to the book festival. This is run by a Dutch company and visits major cities in Belgium and the Netherlands. There are many English books available for very low prices. If you are looking for the best salesmen last year, up to 90% of this is the place to go.

Other English Bookshops

There are tons of used bookstores in Brussels and most of the larger carry at least a limited selection of English books. If you are looking for bargains (and sometimes freebies), check out expat conferences in spring and fall when the annual export migration is in full swing. Also, do not forget that Amazon UK returns to Belgium, usually very quickly.

It might be a bit more looking to find the fraudulent English book at a reasonable price, but it is much worse on the continent that the English bookstore is located. Happy reading!

Source by Alison Cornford-Matheson