It's the shortest day of the year, which may seem rather difficult, but it's just …

It's the shortest day of the year, which may seem rather difficult, but it only gives you an excuse to let the fire go a little earlier and turn on the Christmas lights earlier. Consider the shorter reason to slow down, spend time with your family, friends or pets with a good book today. Our sales are still underway, so be sure to cancel and compare some good news for the upcoming vacation!
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The Book of Bhrigu – See Your Current Past and Future

Book Bhrigu, or Bhrigu Samhita, is a real book, written a few thousand years ago, called the Hindu era.

This is when Vedas, their holy books were written. Maharshi Bhrigu (Maharshi meaning Great Rishi or Holy) gathered constellations of all the people who had consulted the book forever. Hard to believe? Read on.

Maharshi Bhrigu is considered to be the first to record horoscopes that predict the future of man.

But as Hinduism and most Eastern thoughts embrace the principle of reincarnation, the astrology of the Holy One is grateful for the past, present and future of man's existence. It is said that Maharshi has recorded about 500,000 telescopes and life expectancy with the help of Sri Lanka Ganesha. The 500,000 horoscope redeemed about 45,000,000 permutations, and this is what is in the book today.

The Book of Bhrigu Book

o Horoscope of all those intended to find Bhrigu's real book is already within.

o It's only real originals, and its actual location is kept secret. There are several copies that have been made throughout the story, but many are fraud and many just completely inaccurate.

The Bhirgu Book has always been the property of Bhramin Castle, and when India was invaded, bought and characterized by various races, the book went underground to keep it intact for future generations.

Also, the various invasions were carried through India and the sub-lands, and a copy of Bhrigu's book took them.

Always one special pipe was trained in Maharshi Bhrigu science and learned how to (a) find someone who came to consult the book and (b) how to interpret the reading. This demanded lifelong learning, so there is always a new practice ready to continue after a resident priest dies or stops.

The real book of Bhrigu and Frauds

Unfortunately, India is not only home and stores much of the world of wisdom, it is also the home of some immoral people as in all countries.

These unscrupulous people have made unrealistic copies of what seems to be Bhrigu's actual book, but are only fake. Usually peddled to foreigners and diaspora of Indians (who can not read and write Sanskrit), large amounts are often extended into schemes to show but imagination from the cheater.

Bhrigu's actual book will be held in the temple, which is hidden in a high Bahramin family, but the head is a resident priest … or else in Ashram. No real money will be asked by you to read, though you may make a small contribution to the family of the priest.

Your name (Sanskrit translation) will be in the book. So if you're lucky to find Bhrigu's actual book, you should notice a trusted man who can read and write a Sanskrit (to confirm the pastor's requirements).

Fraud will ask you to come back, ask for money in increasing amounts and point to your life's solutions that are too easy to believe (pay for your sins). Before you go, make sure you have enough information that the place and person you visit are real.

As a guide, you should know that Bhrigu's original book will contain the horoscope of each person you have been consulted with, which will predict past, present and future and also clearly show the date of counseling, time and date of the individual along with them remedial actions needed to correct their lives.

Source by Sacha Tarkovsky