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Why dance, why not – a review of dance

Over the years, I've been very fond of what Sir Ken Robinson has said about creativity in our schools. He explains the problem with rote memorization, speaking to the way most Americans have No Child Left Behind Law (NCLB). Some of my friends have called the NCLB legislation; No child is allowed to request in advance. I think with a sense, I agree with this observation. In one of TOP's most famous TED Talk Rob Robinson, he points out that we bought teaching dance in our schools, yes dancing.

Why do you ask? Well, it's a creative exercise and it helps the brain to develop and think. He and the right and now neurologists know why. The nerves are associated with nerves that rush into the spinal cord and into the brain, which is a complement to the system. Indeed, if you want to learn more about this all, maybe I can save you some problems in your personal research, as I recently asked myself about some of these questions and tried very hard to confirm what many teachers and teachers have been saying for decades. If this topic draws your attention, there are some very good books that I would recommend you read;

1. "The Artful Mind: Intellectual Sciences and Brains of Human Creation", edited by Mark Turner, Oxford University Press, New York, NY, 2006, 314 pages, ISBN: 978–0-19-530636-1.

This book is a compilation of academic articles and essays on the issue, where much has taken all the old white deaths of human beings of famous psychologists and united with modern neuroscience. Some of them prove what we already know and have easily seen case studies, other papers assessing the status and knowledge we thought we believed to be all about us. A very important set of trains for everyone, for those who investigate this subject.

2. "Dancing / Movement Trainers in Action: A Workbook on Research Choices," edited by Robyn Flaum Cruz, Cynthia Florence Berrol, Charles Thomas Publishers, Springfield, IL, 233 Pages, ISBN: 978-0-39-80750-40.

Changed in a similar way, but the essays discuss what to do with all these new information and how to use them best for treatment. Not only does it make a great physical good but it's possible to use creative in therapy and learn to do miracles for cognitive ability, help the student to overcome challenges and increase his ability to think. Everything starts with a little dance. I hope that when you change, you will choose to dance. Please check all this and think about it.

Source by Lance Winslow