Authors! Who are you writing for

It’s a very difficult question that each writer has to face sooner or later for whom they are writing about, they are writing for themselves or for other readers. After thinking the answer to this question is that was written for me and for others.

Many writers gets immense pleasure in writing for himself and the stories they write is a personal experience.

Although many authors have wanted fame writing as they write books that are read by others.

It is you who have to decide whether you’re writing for yourself or for others. There is no harm in both options. You have to just sit back and think of your goals it, that way you really want to follow.

Every author has a different opinion for the question that they are writing for, or is their target audience, whether they are writing for women, or children, or other information. But it is always important before writing you must consider this important question.

There are different advantages or pleasure in writing for yourself or for others.

Writing for himself

1) Relieves self – censorship : If you are writing for yourself you do not have to worry about the criticism. You can write freely what comes to mind.

2) Writing is fun :. Writing for you is always fun and there is no person who you want to impress with writing and a way to write will be fun

3) helps a Unique When you are writing for you that you can take risks, try the unexpected and write more interesting ideas. All this helps your writing to be unique in every sense and regions.

4) Honest Conclusion: You can easily write what you have dreamed of whether the dream you dreamed was odd. You do not have to hide your true feelings to sign will only be with you and you do not have to give any publishing company to display them.

All of these are reasons when you can think to write for you. And writing for yourself gives immense pleasure and satisfaction. There are many other reasons also that you can write for others

1) Better Story: to write for others will help to give a better story. If you want to connect to readers that you’re always understand what they want and must be carried out from art to craft.

2) Give you the confidence It is not always what you write will always be loved and liked by readers. You always need to be prepared for negative comments but all these comments should not demoralize trust .

3) monetary benefits Writing for others is always paid. As there are many book sell the business that sells the book through bookstores or download the book on the website as is available to thousands of people for reading.

Writing for each is an important question that you must consider before writing a novel or a book. You can write for either for you and your readers.

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All About business process reengineering

Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) sounds sibylline the best, and perhaps a trifle pretentious. Would it not be easier to include business process change?

Most people perceive what the business process is how well you mix it with re-engineering, it sounds suddenly inaccurate.

The idea behind the business process re-engineering is to please customers. By delight him, we get to be him, turning him into a firm adherent.

Competitors have a sneaky method snatching customers away from us. It is not as a result of this world is choked with artful and evil individuals, it is because we tend to sit on our laurels and assume that we have finally got it done. We have become poor.

Business Process Re-engineering or Lean Six Sigma Consulting calls for a series of stages: Stage one involves the definition of the project – in principle, objectives and scope. Stage two includes all the learning process where we get the maximum amount of data as we are able to of our customers, employees, suppliers and competitors -. So as not in competition and harmonize the new data with technology

Armed with this information, the second stage – stage three – set up our mission. Other decision that vision long term. This has a brand new set of business processes. When we decided specified outcome of this transition, we begin to deal phase that incorporate Lean Management concept of action that allows us to live the gap between the administration of the state of our company and where we want it to travel. Learning Six Sigma can also help the company much.

When we arrived at this stage, solutions logically follow.

If you’re still curious what distinguishes business process improvement of business process re-engineering, think of starting point: are you all from the current method and want to increase it, or one wants to start from scratch?

Thanks data technology

Fast forward to globalization, we are the first to seek new technologies and they are coming back until we are able to learn them. It is conjointly all this new customer relationship management (CRM) method. We’re huffing and puffing and bursting at the seams. Companies that have not tailored to the developed world or introduced new technology in their business are going to be clobbered by the competition. Businesses today can not afford to sit back and watch while others deal with changes within the company.

Picture speed data is transmitted by simply clicking the mouse. It will not be pressing the documents had to be couriered by special messenger or faxed immediately; these days, documents are electronically adjustable. This development is one output brand new crop of employees – known as data staff. We are the conversion of business community in the data community.

Advances in data technology is simply one among several reasons why companies have taken business process re-engineering. If organizations urgently want to succeed, because they have data – truckloads of it. Second, they have to grab a way to flip that data to their advantage. Using business process re-engineering and Lean Management will tweak a lot of the data in the edible parts.

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Winter Go Stylish with fur hats in the Russian style

People who are very aware of picking their accessories to enhance their appearance and style, always creates an ever-lasting impression on others. In the winter season fur hats adds extra impact to every person, whether it’s a boy or a girl to be the center of attraction among all. It’s so hardcore experience to be in Russia in the winter season due to the random falls in the above fashion designers Amifur brought a wide range of fascinating fur hats in the Russian style to save all the winter.

points to consider before buying a trendy fur hats in the Russian style

spring are various types of fur hats in the market. People can choose them according to their fashion and style suits them. Fur hat for women are in high demand among girls as compared to other styles because one can wear it on all occasions.

Before you go to buy a Russian hat in any style, here by 7 factors will help you choose the best one umbrella for you


Amifur presents an array of fur hats in the Russian style, all from The Crystal fox, Golden fire fox, gray fox Russian style, sable and beaver, possum, raccoon fur hats in the Russian style. The best part of this fur hats with ear flaps that protect the ear, neck and chin from the chilling cold. Black mink fur hats in the Russian style, equipped with amazing black mink fur remains are one of the best hats including fur hat for women.

Type fur hats

People can choose the animal they would like to be the furred Russian hat. Hatta from rabbit fur are cozy and luxury of the rabbit has a sleek and coolest fur hats. Not only rabbit, fox, sheep, wool and sheared beaver type of several furs among numerous fur hats in the Russian style.


With Amifur you do not have to worry about the quality and differentiation between real or fake animal skins. Feel the smoothness and softness of texture and if you really want to ensure the flame a few pieces of fur, real fur smells like burning human hair.


These Russian fur hats made in various colors, depending on any outfit or occasion you want to refresh a hat.


It’s just a waste of money if you buy a Russian hat from the retail and end up with a bow for a winter season. That is why people believe a brand before you buy these fur hats.


People can wear it in a simple style for formal evening meeting as well as by wearing this hat, they can stand out looks with any casual outfit with the possibility of ear flaps.


After checking all of the other major components, now you can decide how much a particular hat worth. Pay for quality products hats as opposed to other low quality fake hats.

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Introduction to Photographic Bridal and do art classes


area of ​​making art is great as it involves so many aspects of makeup application parties and events. A make-up art course is one of the best ways to learn different aspects of making a short span. Beauty schools are coming with world recognized program to do the candidates know the makeup tools, cosmetics and appropriate use of the human face as a canvas.

Recently bridal Make Basic Course in Kolkata is becoming popular as it prepares students perfectly to create makeup for brides on the wedding. Here they are trained on the use airbrushes to create that perfect look of brides. Beauty Academy provide Airbrush kits for students to gain practical knowledge. Bridal makeup classes encompasses camouflaging tattoos, creating a color graphical doing, the introduction of black and white photographic makeup, catwalk and platform make. There are also classes on appropriate use basis, foundation, eye shadow, lipstick, face powder, etc. Students after treatment can project from the public and companies to make do not only for wedding ceremonies but also for fashion shows, birthday and other posh events.

Students are also given training on different types of eye makeup, day and evening parties do, wet looking makeup, glossy makeup, fantasy makeup. There are lectures, theory classes and practical training to groom and nurture apprentices. Before access to beauty school, clearing all your doubts and questions as it has been found that different cosmetology academies have different criteria for admission, further research, projects and training.

Photographic makeup artists courses are also very much in demand. Such artists are employed by many organizations famous photography where they do make for a model, soap artists, news anchors and movie stars, before they get ready for photo shoots, news anchor and movie shootings.

undertakes Makeup Basic Course in Kolkata will hone your skills and make you able to camouflage all the bugs on the skin of the client (such as scars, pimples, fine lines, age spots, dark circles etc) and make it look beautiful. In recent years, the popularity of online courses is enormous as one can take it by sitting at home. In online classes, they get their teaching mainly from PDF files and video conferencing. But for practical classes they need to go to school campus. In practical time outside to get hands-on instruction on makeup application and airbrushes, students will also get to know their strengths and weaknesses and teachers will help them to rectify their shortcomings. Many schools beauty provide career guidance to students so that they easily find their career goals and areas of employment

Upon completion of this program students will be able to know the following things :.

• Excessive makeup will look ugly customer

• Use only recommended makeup products

• to only make the additional client skin complexion

• Analyzing the skin type of customers

• Skin sensitivity

• Follow the fundamental beauty of

Therefore, if you are ambitious and love creativity with glamor, then enroll for basic bridal and photography make art course Calcutta and take your career to the next level.

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Top Health Insurance Mistakes to Avoid!

Buy insurance policy has its shares of the cost efficient option that an individual can be applied to achieve the best possible moment. There are certain common mistakes that one does that add up the cost of insurance.

In order to keep the various insurance costs in check and control requires an individual to avoid simple mistakes. By following simple steps and avoiding certain mistakes person will be in a better position to make cost optimized contract.

1) Carry a way to lower the cost premium

You need to adopt a simple method to compare various insurance contracts. There are various websites that allows a person to compare the policies offered by different companies by taking into account your requirements. In comparison person would have knowledge of the various policies in terms of cost, various provisions and benefits, if any.

2) Lower Premium Costs are not always good news:

Before a final decision on the basis of the lower premium cost individual needs to understand that lower the high cost has various limiting factors attached to it. It was a limited number of diseases that could be covered under the policy, hospitals online play could be limited to a few hospitals and cash limit pay every day if hospitalization might be quite less, too.

So before you go ahead with a strategy to offer lower premium costs should clearly understand the provisions and terms and conditions attached to it.

3) Sum assured:

Sum assured is the amount the company would pay to the insured in case of emergency. The basic idea applies here is to reduce the amount of the sum assured would lower the amount of the premium. People tend to analyze the impact of the premium costs in the short term, ignoring the fact how the sum assured would be useful in the long run.

It is necessary to analyze their own needs and taking into account the normal medical factors and charges and he is to decide on the amount of the sum assured. Premium is calculated based on the amount of the sum secured.

4) Existing Diseases your

There are various health insurance usually does not cover any pre-existing conditions insured. If a person suffers from some kind of pre-existing conditions must be approved by the policy include provisions for coverage of pre-existing diseases. This simple provision will assist the individual in the long run. He also has to be honest about the same because insurers reserve the right to cancel any claim if the insured is found dishonest.

Apart from avoiding ways to reduce the cost of individual must carefully read the terms of the policy before any decision. If certain provisions preclude certain benefits a person must be aware of the same by going through the terms and conditions of the policy carefully.

Being aware is probably the easiest way to avoid making mistakes when buying health insurance policies.

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How A School Administration Software is useful for your school

Earlier all used to control with traditional paper-copy process. But with the advances in technology can change everything and traditional paper copy method replaced by school administration software. This software is divided into several modules to manage everything from students and information, attendance, payroll, holidays, events, school scheduling staff and so on.

Everyone from teachers, parents and students get benefited by using school software. As this software is online, which allows owners of schools to manage their schools from all with a computing device connected to the Internet. Parents can monitor their children’s performance in school and other activities. Not only this, many of this type of software offer the facility of online learning makes learning easier for students.Managing administration of school or educational institution is not an easy task. There are a number of tasks that need to be completed for the normal functioning of the school. The projects are to keep a register of personal information such as address and contact information of students and staff, schedule management, attendance management and other things.

Below are some of the benefits of using a School Administration Software

  • Fee Management – Fee management is among the most difficult jobs of school principals. This software facilitated this work up to a great extent. There is no need for school administrators to keep a record of students in paper files. The entire fee management process is automated with its use. The software also sends an SMS to the parents of students who have not filed their charges.
  • Saves Money and Time – There is no need to keep a record of all operations in paper files to save a good amount of paper used to create fee receipts and wage slips. It also saves time and one file can be used in various departments in the school, which was not a traditional paper-copy process.
  • Useful Teaching Aid – This software was quite useful for teachers that they can share subject related videos, conducting online tests, quizzes and share other important information. This article gives more clarity to the students.
  • Communication – Many of this type of software offers a chat feature that helps teachers, parents and students interact with each other. Parents can ask teachers about the performance of their children or ask questions. Students can ask teachers about their doubts.
  • facilitate access – Since this software is online which makes it easy for everyone to access information from anywhere, whether sitting at home, office or elsewhere
  • .

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MCX Tips and Commodity Tips gives an instant boost to profit has established itself as one of the leading platforms for experts only technical experts Indian commodity market. It is one of the few places that offer research and information on the Indian commodity marketplaces mainly based on technical studies and loves healthy standing among traders, brokers and researchers.

MCX deal industry is actually very volatile so one should not apply their ideas or concepts without sufficient justification of its investment and should fully respond to Native Indian MCX industry guidelines given by experts to increase revenue. Investors must always determine the amount of risk in the industry MCX before preparing to spend money on it. To make excellent benefit from economic participation is essential that investors are aware of the ideal length deal silver bullion industry that will help them be safer on the market. The MCX industry consists of materials such as gold, silver, Crude product components also comprise two parts of energy are crude oil and natural gas.

There are many in the market who are giving tips about the reasons for serious analysis make investment in particular metal. Investors who are short of information we encounter MCX industry can search for instructions and tips from economical scientists have reliable information and knowledge on silver bullion industry. There are some excellent economical prepare organizations providing services in the field of product industry to enable investors served well to deal with meaningful and useful MCX their guidelines and tips. These organizations are experienced and experienced technology diagnostic and professionals who have the best information MCX deal.

Always remember before MCX tips: –

There is silver bullion industry where raw item is covered so it is not safe if you put all the eggs in one container only a single hit can break all your money. Increase investment plans for a several types of items so that only one shift industry can not influence all your money. It is the most chicanery industry so it is better that before entering the economical commitment period industry, collect and understand all the information relevant. You can use the Internet or excellent economical analysis company for such understanding. Keep large eagle eye on every shift and variations industry that small change is enough to affect economical commitment there.

Do not use your feelings here as it can only affect you in a negative sense. Be realistic and if you find yourself in a situation where your resources may require more and more do not wait around for any miracles. You just return cash in the wallet from the industry.

Where to find the best MCX Tips: –

Money Capital Height investment & Trading Research Company generally provides suggestions for things like bullions, Value & Platform Metals dealing in MCX & NCDEX exchange, Value Equity Cash and F & O dealing in NSE and BSE. best MCX Tips Company is a team of professionals with great encounter especially in the field of technical and Essential Analysis. Our team of professionals Cum traders to have diverse information in a technical analysis by confronted by as much as many years in this field. Using their sessions and the latest software professionals are able to evaluate proposals in the case of industry & product industry efforts and with great precision. So use our guide, our customers can get the most out of the case Industry & MCX industry.

“First, our concern is our customer, so we want our customers’ satisfaction, for including more and more height to their financial commitments and money.” “To offer information source for time and money, and the world of business worldwide.” We offer intraday cash market Commodity Gold Jackpot Call , MCX tips free trial, MCX Call of crude oil, silver sure shot calls, MCX Call silver MCX Crude Oil Call base metal certain calls , etc.

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Indicators that you are engaged in Medical Center Jobs

If you work in the medical center of any kind, you realize that life is much more different than those around you. While the rest of the world wakes up at the usual time, and has a weekly program which is usually the same, life always seems to be a bit more scattered. You work odd hours and many times you sleep the more confusing hours. However, the uniqueness of life does not just stop on your schedule. Here are some hints that you are employed in Northern Nevada Medical Center jobs.

odd topic of conversation

It is natural for people to talk about work when they are off the clock with their friends or coworkers. It is not as usual for the topic of conversation in the middle of the body. However, if you work in the medical center, faeces, vomit, and bleeding are the norm. In fact, the share Oddest story can be a point of pride, and it can become quite competitive to keep the spot of the best storyteller for the evening.

One thing you have to be careful of is that not everyone appreciates these kinds of stories. Since it could not make you blink an eye or even giggle, it is not always the best content to have when you’re out with no medical employed friends.

Health Guru

It does not matter if you are a doctor, nurse or receptionist; if you work in the medical center, you are immediately source that people were asked about their health problems. You can not keep a great or it may not be your specialty, but friends and even acquaintances will consult as if you are all knowing. And even more crazy thing is that a lot of the time you really want to have an opinion or guess about what the diagnosis will be. While you should never claim to be able to replace specialized doctor, you can pick up some things through experience.

Sleep Anywhere

If you are used to working the swing shift, you’ve probably got very good at being able to sleep anywhere. Many people have sleep habits that they have to go through to settle down for the night. Change their clothes, brush your teeth, put up a bit for the next day, and even noise machines. Those were the days past. Working twelve hour graveyard shifts can cure any insomniac. You learn to appreciate all the extra minutes of sleep you can get and many times you do not even want to take the time to change clothes before going out for a long period. Luckily clutches very comfortable.

always on duty

There is no way that society could function well without a doctor. Lives are literally in your hands, and you realize how important your job is. At the drop of a hat, you can call from work begging to reach anyone who can not come in or help with an extra busy day. You always comes in when you can because you know how important it can be to have one extra person. It could mean the difference between life and death for someone. Significant others, friends and family may have a hard time with how your life seems to be governed by pager, but it is important that you are a reliable person if you think any medical practice. If you are employed in Northern Nevada Medical Center jobs, you might have an extra crazy life, but knowing how many people you help every day makes it all worthwhile.

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The all new design and style come up with shot glasses

need and use shot glasses are something that can not be ignored. There are so many new personalized shot glasses design and style shot glasses bring up equally necessary for homes as well as restaurants. There are personalized shot glasses arise that are perfect for parties and organize events within the home. Now the demand of online portals are so high that the best selection of shot glasses can all be purchased online at affordable prices. The best and most unique kind of shot glasses are usually available online Ta attractive price. Make sure you browse and review of all the information at ease. It is a cheap shot glasses reviews and comments on the best and most suitable shot glasses that are available in the market. The best thing that needs to be considered is the quality of the shot glass and materiel used for the purpose. When you are opting to buy shot glasses online you can do it easy enough to get the best quality glasses at discounted prices.

There are various new types and qualities shot glasses bring a market. Make sure you look the best with portals or links there are many glasses quality at attractive prices. The thing about shot glass is that there should be new and there are a great range of products available. If you are someone take an interest in trying different cheap shot glasses drinks at home it is quite important to get custom shot glass. With the shot glasses you can find the charm and Dink some favorite drinks all at ease. There are a variety of drinks available to full satisfaction of such glasses shot make sure you use a custom shot glasses. The range and best Online shot glasses to count the shot glasses is that it will allow you to get a lot of fun drinks that you are taking. Glasses are all crafted to excellence with professionals and it looks like the class and elegance of the owner. Therefore it is important to get the best range of shot glasses as it matters a lot. With the best and most attractive range of shot glasses you can enjoy a nice drink with your loved ones or friends on weekends. There is something quite satisfying and exciting new thing to have.

Apart from personal shot glasses there are various wide range of shot glasses available in restaurants and bars; all that are delivered by professional glasses. As online marketing is creasing with the best online portals you can get the chance to order something very unique and the best on the market. Make sure you order the best selection of shot glasses are available online at unbelievable prices. Bring world wide as well as a wide selection of glasses that are all unique and have their own its category. There are individual shot glasses easy repayment as well as a money back guarantee makes it a perfect choice for many.

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What is true education?

“Education is one of the main obstacles to intelligence and freedom of thought.” Bertrand A. Russell (1872-1970) British philosopher, mathematician and writer.

I want to touch on the subject of education. As you all probably already familiar with my column, it is not a traditional view, but rather a pragmatic view

It has come to my attention that a lot of education as we know it -. Formal education and the like – has very short really fallen on the purpose of education someone like she’s in the dictionary, to instruct the or enlighten defined. How many of us know people who are and do not have the first clue how to treat people very “educated”. Nor have they ever get the training that they have to use paid tons of money to acquire. Instead of wasting it as a trophy, a title or a piece of jewelry to prove their worth.

“Education is one of the few things that a person is willing to pay and not to get.” William Lowe Bryan

education, unless directed towards our own predetermined results is a waste of time. Our school systems have to be a bastion of political warfare and feel-goodism that adults lead among themselves. We at the epicenter of the forgotten battle that our children, especially in the minority, are paying the price. We do not want to feel children get excited when they get a bad grade, lose a game or have to reach within themselves to open up the character education point in a difficult test of any kind, whether it be a mental, spiritual, physical or moral test.

formation happens as we learn to spell out the right and wrong way to supplement, to speak, throw a ball, talk to our colleagues and respect our elders. We’re losing all of these invaluable lessons one day at a time with the current professional politicians attempt to educate our children. The base starts with the parents – concerned parents to look caring parents, parents who are not afraid, and circumstances call clothing the emperor what they are there

So what is the answer Jason.? We hear complaints all the time … we know the system fails … what do we do now?

The answer is to know the goal, our children education. Currently, it is designed to teach our children how to get a job and good little soldiers marching to be someone else on the drum. The climate has changed. As do many of you reading this right now, what you went to school for, or even in the same profession in which you were 5 years ago?

Our times call for a new type of teaching that is based on the results and focused on leadership -. If not one of the leaders of the other, at least one of the leaders of our own leadership does not wait around for a government to take care of you. Leadership is not living at home until you are not 30 leadership blaming others. Leadership is doing for most return which can at least you. Leadership is not how many beers you can drink, how we escape the pressure of growth through modern Pharmacology (Xanax, Prozac, etc.).

leadership is deeply looking at ourselves and ask the question: “What am I here?” The answer that keeps coming back, when asked in earnest, to grow, to serve and to love. How can we grow if we or not enforced by rules that are either changed constantly release pressure. How can we grow when we modify them in mood drugs and alcohol in order to overcome pain if a mental or physical pain appears? The answer is simple: we can not. Exactly what we are trying our children to protect against, and that’s what we are constantly trying to avoid us, is the only thing that will help us move forward as an individual, a family, a nation and a world. The greatest leaders of modern and historical times have always been those who have been facing enormous odds and overcome them. Imagine if Martin Luther King Jr. was out of the civil rights movement with the excuse dropped, “Forget this crap, let someone else deal with it” or Mother Theresa would be decided that the poor and ail need only die and wars, or a Nelson Mandela would have turned his head into apathy.

Ask instead, that you and I banded with our communities and not for the enlargement of the self, but for the common good. Imagine if you looked in the mirror today and cried: “Enough!” I am the victim, the Bickers bitches and complains completed. I’m going to officially lead and not to follow. I’m going today to believe in the power of good, not only to recognize it, but also to be there. Those of you who read this column and are inspired to do something today, act now. Research charities, causes and organizations in which you believe; Search from groups who believe as you do. Take massive action toward your dreams. We need all those who believe in this magazine to be a voice and be in this world. In actions that make a positive difference To help you by talking about it with your neighbors, and you subscribe to by in stories of challenge and decision, your. Do something today and watch the transformation in your own life happen! I’m going to leave you with a mantra to remember when trying to earlier beliefs and habits return: LEAD serve, grow and love

Copyright (c) 2007 Jason Sisneros